Ian Kalman

(415) 308-4251

Bunch of Different Ad Agencies (6/05 - present)
Freelance Copywriter (6/05 to present)
Bud Light, T-Mobile, DirecTV, Subway, Tag Body Spray, Hyundai, Barclays Bank, Harrah's and a bunch more. I could tell you them all, but I promise you'll get bored.

  • I read the brief.
  • I write some ads.
  • Then someone else produces them.
  • Or I cut my rate and they let me produce them.

Bald Guy Greetings, San Francisco, CA (5/06 - present)
Head Writer. Okay, the only writer.

  • Revolutionizing the greeting card business
  • Okay, revolutionizing might be a strong word
  • No, revolutionizing is actually the perfect word. That’s what I’m doing.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, CA  (1/97 to Present)
Copywriter: Budweiser, Foster Farms, Nike, Oakland A’s, Pac Bell, E*TRADE, eBay.

  • I’d read the brief.
  • I’d write some ads.
  • I’d present the ads.
  • I’d go off and produce the ads.

Carter-Waxman Advertising, San Jose, CA (6/96 to 12/96)
Creative Intern: San Jose Business Journal, Iguana’s Mexican Restaurants

  • I’d read the brief.
  • I’d write some ads.
  • I’d make coffee for everyone.

Black Angus Restaurant, San Jose, CA (8/94 to 12/96)
Food Server: Four, maybe five table sections. It depended on the night.

  • I’d take orders and bring people food.
  • Come on, don’t make me talk about it, this is embarrassing.
  • I was paying my way through school.
  • Leave me alone